Progressive High Performance Fork Springs for FXDX/FXDXT

Progressive High Performance Fork Springs for FXDX/FXDXT

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What We Say:

FXDX and FXDXT models are some of Harley's best handling bikes, partly because H-D equipped those models with great suspension.  While at their prime, the OEM suspension systems on these bikes rivaled many of the top-end after market suspension systems.  Springs do wear out and get tired.  Often worn springs result in scary high-speed wobbles.  Progressive Springs are a great way to kill the wobbles!


If you want to improve your ride, without all of the cost or hassle of installing a more modern performance front end, then these springs are for you.  In order to insure that you get the best out of these springs, be sure to have them installed by professionals with experience.  The installation process is of these springs is unique and amateurs usually botch their first attempt to service FXDX/T forks.
We ride with these springs on our two FXDXT shop bikes and we installed them on multiple customers' bikes.  Everyone appreciates the ride that these springs provide.

What They Say

  • High-quality, high-performance replacement fork springs
  • A Progressive Suspension rate spring has the advantage of a rising rate resistance to compression
  • The benefit is the spring can be soft enough at the start of the travel to offer a "plush" ride, yet firm enough at the end of the travel to soak up the big bumps
  • Spring rates have been chosen to reduce front-end dive during braking, yet still provide excellent ride comfort
  • Sold in pairs
  • Product Name: Spring
  • Type: Fork
  • Base Color: Black
  • Color/Finish: Black
  • Spring Rate: 35.00 lb/in - 50.00 lb/in
  • For Fork Tube Diameter: 1.54"
  • Units: Pair
  • Riding Style: Street